You won’t believe the horrific damage caused to this woman by illegal teeth whitening


An 18-year-old woman may lose two teeth thanks to illegal teeth-whitening treatment carried out by a woman in her home.

Cheryl Roberts watched TV with her husband in the lounge at her flat while the victim underwent the treatment.

Despite the teenager alerting her to a burning sensation, Ms Roberts reassured her all was ok. The woman now has severe damage to her mouth and faces costly and complex dental treatment to remedy it.

Ms Roberts was found guilty at Liverpool and Knowsley Magistrates’ Court and fined £660. The judge also ordered her to pay £2,000 to the victim and the GDC’s costs of £1,000.

The victim has contacted Ms Roberts via Facebook in October 2015.

In just a week, the victim was suffering pain and sensitivity to her gums and teeth and her tooth began to move.

The illegal whitening prevented her eating properly and she had lost a considerable amount of bone to her two front teeth, with 70% of her gums ruined.

It was only on seeking the help of a dentist that she learnt the extent of damage to her dental health thanks to the bogus teeth whitener.

For those of us considering teeth-whitening treatment, the GDC urges us to check our online list of registered professionals.

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