Why your best friend should never notice your perfect nose job – just ask TOWIE's James 'Arg' Argent


A nose job can make you appear more attractive, more successful and healthier but a good one should go unnoticed – even by your nearest and dearest. 

The ‘added appeal’ of a reshaped nose was highlighted by a new survey in which participants were asked to judge photos of people – without realising they had undergone rhinoplasty.

Some 473 observers completed a survey that included images of 13 unique patients before and after surgery, although survey participants were unaware of patients' status. 

The patients after rhinoplasty scored higher in the attractiveness stakes, were considered more successful and perceived as healthy.

The survey also suggests that social interactions are improved with surgery.

But consultant facial plastic surgeon Julian Rowe-Jones – a leading expert in nasal plastic surgery – reckons the best aesthetic results are those that nobody notices.

In fact, Mr Rowe-Jones says it is rare for even good friends or loved ones – if they don’t know surgery has been performed – to actually spot the results of good rhinoplasty, especially if the result is natural and harmonious. 

He says: ‘Ideally, the result is “seen in the eyes”, which may look bigger and brighter, especially if a patient feels happier. 

‘Remarkably, some patients might even look younger and fresher. Other features, such as the cheek and chin, may look more balanced with the face. Correcting bumps – especially if they are associated with a hooked nose – makes patients look less angry and more approachable. The observer cannot usually put their finger on it after surgery but may comment their friend looks well and ask if they have been away on holiday.’

TOWIE star James Argent recently appeared on TV’s Loose Women and shocked the panel when he revealed he’d had rhinoplasty – none of them had realised that anything had changed and questioned why he decided to have the surgery.

He says he underwent the cosmetic treatment as he felt he wanted to address an bump and reduce the size of his nostrils to boost confidence after substantial weight loss.

However, Mr Rowe-Jones cautions against surgery to change our psychological state.

He suggests that unfortunately it is not possible to accurately predict when an optimal surgical result will result in psychosocial improvement and better self confidence. 

However, he adds: ‘When it does, it can make a huge difference to a patient – as they no longer think about their nose and can fully engage with others. It is very important for patients to recognise the psychological reasons for considering surgery and to accept that a good surgical result may not necessarily meet their psychological expectations.

‘More surgery is not the answer. Endless operations will not bring happiness. In these cases, psychological management is likely to be the best way of helping the patient feel less self conscious.’

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