When should I replace my breast implants?


Our 'Ask the experts' Dan Marsh & Marc Pacifico answer a commonly asked question regarding Breast Enlargement surgery supplied to us by Louise from Colchester:

'I am a 36 year old woman who had breast implants (silicone, under the muscle) in 1999 I have not had any trouble whatsoever since but I have heard that patients are advised to replace them every 15 years or so. Could you please give me your recommendation regarding this issue? Thanks and best wishes.'

Compare The Treatment knew exactly who to ask and reached out to two of our resident experts on breast augmentation & enlargement, Dan Marsh, winner of the prestigious Hackett Prize from the British Association of Aesthetic Surgeons and Marc Pacifico MD FRCS(Plast) who were both happy to address any potential concerns about the life span of breast implants. 

'Hi - thanks for your question. This is a common concern. There is no need to change your implants unless you are experiencing problems with them. If you are very concerned about having problems in the future and it is worrying you each day then it may be sensible to change them for piece of mind. There are plenty of women with their original implants 20 years on.'

Dan Marsh 
Consultant Plastic Surgeon

'Many thanks for posting your question. Whilst we say that implants last 10-15 years, there is no absolute rule that they need to be changed if there is nothing wrong from your perspective. As long as you had good quality implants used (i.e. not PIP implants) then if your breasts feel soft and have not changed significantly, there is not necessarily a requirement for replacement. I hope that puts your mind at rest'

Marc Pacifico MD FRCS(Plast)
Consultant Plastic Surgeon

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