Wash your makeup brushes!


We all spend hundreds of pounds on our skincare to ensure our skin is tip top.

One the most simples things you can do for our skin, wash our makeup brushes! Why? they collect dust, dirt, debris and bacteria. Daily this is being spread all over our faces.

For those that suffer with acne or have sensitive skin, you will greatly benefit from keeping your foundation brushes clean at all times. Reason? All that bacteria can cause break outs and when you have build up on your foundation/powder brushes it can cause your brushes to be rough and scratchy which will irritate the skin. The best thing for you to do is clean your foundation/powder brush after every use to assure you are taking the best care of your sensitive skin. I understand that is a big commitment, but once you get into a routine it will be easy as pie. If you’re one who never cleans your brushes think about all the old make-up and bacteria that builds up in your brush and then you go rubbing it on your face… um, gross!

Dr Sophie x

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