The ‘powerpuff’ treatment that’s putting the oomph back into our sex lives


Women are now seeking non-surgical ways to change the shape of their labia – and it’s having an impact between the sheets.

Hot on the heels of news that girls as young as 15 are seeking advice from their GPs on surgical procedures such as labiaplasty, the latest cosmetic treatment for our genitals involves dermal fillers ‘down below’.

The so-called ‘labia puffing’ can also mean injecting the patient’s own fat into the area to boost volume, add elasticity and remove creases.

According to a report at the Daily Star Online, those women seeking this new cosmetic makeover of their lady bits are very often those of us who have had children or who are post menopause.

The procedure is also believed to improve sex lives, mostly due to renewed confidence in our bodies, experts claim.

But, like all treatments, it can come with risk. Labiaplasty surgery, for example, can lead to aesthetic complications such as under and over correction, so it is important to understand these risks, too.

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