Teeth Whitening Adds Instant Sparkle to your Smile


The chill is in the air and the magic of Christmas lingers as well...the season of sparkle, magic, splendour and glamour is just around the corner...so why not add a bit of extra lustre this Christmas and have your teeth whitened.  

Teeth whitening is a pain-free dental treatment that makes your teeth shades lighter and whiter adding instant brilliance to your smile. It is part of dentistry and should only be carried out on prescription of a dentist.

Research has shown that having an aesthetically pleasing smiles adds confidence and enhances self-esteem leading to a better professional and social life.  In addition having your teeth whitened has should that people end up looking after their teeth and in turn creating better oral health.

Visit our cosmetic dentist to create a better version of your smile. It will take just over an hour of your time and we are pleased to offer 50% off of our teeth whitening between now and Christmas. If you would like you could gift someone this teeth whitening experience for the festive season.  The choice is yours...the new you is just around the corner.

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