What are my Orthodontic Treatment options?


What are my Orthodontic Treatment options? 

One size does not fit all – and just because a friend got the smile she wanted with a certain type of braces, doesn’t mean the brand will suit you.

No two mouths are the same so ensure you have a thorough consultation with your dentist or orthodontist. Here, we outline some of your options…


 Cfast is a gentle, minimally invasive short-term orthodontic treatment for adults that uses sound clinical principles to straighten the upper and lower front six teeth.  The cosmetic teeth-straightening system is comfortable, safe and affordable and uses tooth-coloured wires and clear brackets to gently straighten the ‘social six’. The system straightens teeth in a controlled and predictable way and uses lighter forces than traditional orthodontics, so it is more comfortable as well as faster – major considerations for today’s patient looking to improve their smile. And, for those patients seeking total discretion, SmileTRU is the clear aligner option; the transparent sequential positioner system offers comfort and convenience. You can expect to pay approximately £1,500-£3,000 (including those all-essential retainers) depending on UK location. On average, treatment takes four to six months. Your dentist can advise you and many practices offer free consultations. Hard food can dislodge brackets or bands and damage wires. Avoiding nuts, biting on nails and pencils, drinks with high sugar content and cutting hard fruit into small chunks is advised.


ClearCorrect is a popular straightening system manufactured and developed in Texas, America. A straightening system with invisibility and removable features, many are unaware of those wearing these aligners, and therefore ClearCorrect is suited to those who would like a less, more discreet solution to the traditional approach of visible, wired and fixed braces. A series of aligners will be customised to apply pressure to the targeted areas and the alignment procedure is commenced. Process will be recorded and analysed. This treatment is unique to the patient and therefore every ClearCorrect journey is different in terms of alignment approach, and timings. It is recommended to wear your aligners for at least 22 hours per day. Cost will be largely dependent on the individual and complexity of the case. This is something that can be discussed on consultation with your dentist. 

Damon Braces 

Damon Braces can be used for complex dental issues, quickly treating problems such as over, under or crossbites. Damon Braces use friction-free technology to offer a faster, more pleasant tooth straightening experience. Damon Braces are different in that they use a slide mechanism to hold the wire in place, enabling the teeth to move freely rather than restricting them. Without the elastic or metal ties it is much easier to maintain good oral hygiene during treatment and Damon Braces are easier to clean. As well as offering more freedom, Damon Braces have a subtle appearance and are made from transparent material and thin stainless steel. Depending on your preference you can choose Damon Braces that are made entirely from metal, including those from brands such as Damon Q, or more transparent versions such as Damon Clear. Damon Braces can be used for complex dental issues, quickly treating problems such as over, under or crossbite. Average costs are around £2,000, rising to £4,500 depending on the severity of your case.


Fastbraces are a relatively new and innovative orthodontic treatment that still delivers the results of traditional braces despite their modern take on the process. Fastbraces straighten teeth and fix other orthodontic problems much quicker than traditional fixed braces can. They are an effective treatment for several dental issues including:

  • Misaligned or wonky teeth
  • Crowded teeth
  • Gaps between the teeth
  • Issues with the bite


Incognito braces are, as the name suggests, invisible. They are custom-made to suit each individual and are typically made of cast-gold, which are then fitted to the inside surface of the teeth. Incognito braces are a popular choice for those that don’t want their braces to be visible as they provide a discreet option while still offering the precision of a traditional, fixed brace. Incognito braces are suitable for all age groups that want to straighten their teeth and correct misalignment. Treatment may take up to two years but this will vary depending on each individual case and in many cases an improvement can be seen after just a few months. Treatment costs for incognito braces start from around £2,500 but the total amount can vary depending on individual needs.

Inman Aligner

 This aligner is removable and can be used either as a standalone treatment to straighten the front teeth or as a solution prior to other cosmetic treatments, such as bonding or veneers. While the appliance isn’t invisible, as it has mental components, it is discreet and not as obvious as other teeth straightening options. The Inman Aligner consists of nickel titanium coil springs, this leads to gentle force being applied over time that guide the teeth. The Inman Aligner is able to provide quicker solutions because the force applied is active over larger areas than normal. This means that treatment time can be drastically reduced. If you are suitable, an impression of your teeth will be used to create a custom-made aligner that a dentist will then fit and show you how to remove. The device should be worn for between 16 and 20 hours every day and regular checks will be needed to check the progress. Inman Aligner treatment typically costs between £1,000 and £2,500. The total cost that you pay will depend on the extent of the treatment needed and the number of visit your individual case requires.


Unlike fixed orthodontic treatments where metal or ceramic ‘brackets’ are cemented to the surface of the teeth and wires run between them, the Invisalign system works by repositioning teeth little by little, using a series of custom-made transparent plastic ‘aligners’ that are to teeth what contact lenses are to the eyes – corrective yet imperceptible. Similarly they are tailor-made to each person’s prescription so that they fit perfectly and correct the alignment of the teeth over a period of months. They are changed in two weekly increments to an aligner of a slightly different shape and size, moving the teeth little by little towards their final desired position. 

The Invisalign aligners are worn for an optimal period of 22 hours a day, but because they are removable wearers can take them out for short periods, including when they want to eat or drink.  However, most people report that after a few days they forget they are wearing their aligners and they have little impact on their lifestyles, allowing them to indulge in sports, play wind instruments, sing or speak in public – all of which can be difficult for fixed brace wearers.  It also makes Invisalign a desirable option for adults, rendering it acceptable to undergo orthodontic treatment imperceptibly and comfortably while they are working. The app – ‘My Invisalign Smile’ – works as a companion to support anyone undergoing Invisalign teeth straightening, and features a number of functions that make keeping track of their orthodontic treatment easier, as well as interesting and fun. The app’s image function includes a built-in guide to allow users to capture consistently positioned camera shots of their face, their smile and their teeth as they transition towards their final, corrected position. These shots build up into a gallery that also allows you to see exactly how your new smile is taking shape.

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straightens teeth discreetly using clear plastic removable aligners that are custom-made to fit your teeth. Even before starting treatment, your dentist will be able to show you some 3D images showing how your teeth will look after alignment. The treatment consists of a series of between 4 and 10 nearly invisible, removable aligners. Each one is worn for a period of 4-6 weeks for approximately 20 hours per day (they can be removed when you eat or when you clean your teeth). Changing to the next aligner has a similar effect to a dentist or orthodontist tightening the wires on a traditional orthodontic appliance — little by little your teeth are guided into alignment. 

The clever thing about In-Line clear aligners is that they are made of a twin layer clear plastic. The inner layer feels ‘rubbery,’ which means that they feel very comfortable to wear. In addition, they also cling to the teeth by themselves, without the need for composite attachments or anchors used by almost every other orthodontic aligner system. Attaching composite anchors is time consuming and their removal can damage tooth surfaces. The cost of In-Line treatment varies according to the degree of severity of misalignment. It usually ranges from £1,500 to £3,500.

Lingual braces 

Lingual braces are hidden on the back surfaces of the teeth and straighten the teeth from the back. An impression of your teeth is taken and then sent to a laboratory where brackets can be made that are a custom fit to your mouth. The turnaround time for this process is around six weeks. Once the customised brackets are made, the orthodontist can secure the braces to the back surfaces of the teeth.

Lingual braces are much the same as fixed wire braces, applying continuous pressure to slowly move the teeth into the desirable position. Treatment time for this is varied, and can take between 18-36 months depending on the severity of the teeth or jaw misalignment.

Six Month Smiles 

Six Month Smiles can provide fast and efficient treatment for those who want quick results in correcting dental problems. The orthodontic treatment focuses on aligning the teeth that you see when you smile rather than the whole set of teeth. Six-Month Smiles uses tooth-coloured brackets and wires to re position the teeth. If you choose to have the Six-Month Smiles treatment it will begin with the dentist taking an impression of your teeth. This impression will then be sent to a laboratory to create custom brackets for your teeth. The brackets are then fitted to your teeth and will work to realign your teeth. In order to work effectively, the wire will need to be tightened every four weeks by a dentist who will also assess your progress. Typically, the treatment is completed within six months but this isn’t always the case and the total time will depend on each individual. Some may find that their treatment is completed just four months after the brackets have been fitted while others may need to continue treatment for a longer period of time.


Smilelign is a clear orthodontic system that uses innovative technology to create clear braces that are virtually invisible, allowing you to straighten your teeth without anyone knowing. Made from a clear plastic that sits over your teeth, they are removable, meaning that you can eat what you wish and easily clean teeth, too.  Using specialised software, gradual changes are made until your future smile is complete. Your finished treatment plan is sent to your dentist.

Your second appointment is used to show you what can be achieved, as well as for you to try your pre-aligners – aligners that are just as your brace would be, but without the pressure used to move teeth. This is for you to check you’re happy with the treatment. Once approved, your aligners are custom-made to fit your teeth perfectly. Each one is worn for three weeks and is marginally different to the one before – gently moving your teeth into their final position.


RXaligners are tailor-made aligners that fit over your teeth and will move the teeth into a straighter position over time. The clear trays can be removed and are used to straighten teeth and act as a great alternative to conventional metal braces while achieving the same results. Each aligner will only move your teeth a small amount and a new aligner is needed every two weeks to achieve a gradual but effective solution. The aligners are created to match your dentist’s prescription using digital technology advances. The length of time the treatment takes varies, with some completing the treatment in just three months and others in 12. RXaligners need to be worn for at least 20 hours a day to be effective. RXaligners suit those of us who have received orthodontic treatment before and are looking to make minor corrections to our smile.
As they are removable, it’s still easy to brush and floss so RXaligners can help keep your teeth and gums healthier because they are easier to clean – and, if you grind your teeth, RXaligners can help prevent wear. They are also comfortable and less likely to cause irritation to the gums and cheeks than alternatives.

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