Minerals for Camouflage


Under the eye circles

This is the number one beauty concern for women as it can age the face as well as give a look of tiredness. When picking a concealer for under the eye area it is imperative not to use too light a shade which can leave the skin with an ashy look to it as well as emphasising any puffiness.

- Use the pads of your first two fingers or ring finger to smooth and blend
- For very dark circles layer concealer then powder, spritz to set and powder again if necessary
- Use a thin layer under the eyes, less is more!
- Jane Iredale’s Enlighten 2 can be useful in camouflaging dark circles for Asian skin


Rosacea is a inflammatory skin disorder which causes facial redness and in some cases, breakouts. F, D, and C dyes, fragrances are known to aggravate this skin condition.
Jane Iredale does not contain any of these ingredients and can be safely to camouflage this condition. In fact, the inclusion of antioxidants and titanium dioxide may help to calm the redness associated with this condition.

- If the skin is very red, choose a yellow shade.
- Avoid anything mattifying.
- Liquid Minerals by Jane Iredale is both hydrating and calming.


Hyper pigmentation is caused by sun exposure and is made up of lots of colours which combine to look brown or ashy grey. It is important to understand that there is no one rule for all when dealing with Hyper pigmentation and you may not get it right first time.

- Use enlighten concealer to neutralise ashy bleed through.
- Use Pommist to set your makeup. It contains lots of antioxidants to help protect from the sun.
- Clients should top up their SPF every 2.5 hours.

Problem Skin

Problem skin can have different grades of severity. When using makeup camouflage problem it is important to use a product which does not contain ingredients which can block the pores further or cause irritation.

- Yellow based concealers are best. Disappear concealer is known to fight problem skin bacteria as well as promoting healing.
- Problem skins can be dry. Bare this is mind when picking your product.
- Using mattifiers over a more radiant base can give hydration to the skin whilst addressing the concern of looking oily. Use them in target areas like the T-Zone.

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