iovera — focused cold therapy for wrinkle relaxation


Ms Angelica Kavouni is one of the UK’s leading female plastic surgeons who has spent over ten years growing her plastic surgery private practice. The clinic at 129 Harley Street has become known for Angelica’s holistic approach to anti-ageing; her clever blending of non-surgical treatments with surgical for discreet, subtle results.Here she shares with us some frequently asked questions about iovera wrinkle relaxing treatment:


  • Q: Will the extreme cold damage tissues? A: No, the delivery system is very exact and in trained hands the degree of cold therapy is never enough to cause damage.
  • Q: Will I have a headache post treatment? A: You might feel pressure in your temple area for a little but this soon disappears.
  • Q: Are there any by-products of this treatment? A: No, the nerve is directly frozen and the effect lasts around 3 months — there are no residual products left behind after treatment disappears.

And very importantly a question that a patient might NOT think to ask but SHOULD before going forward with a treatment:

  • Q: I might be pregnant, is it safe to have iovera? A: Although there is no reason to assume danger to a foetus, no-one who is pregnant should undergo non-essential aesthetic treatments.  You need to be honest and open with your practitioner.

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