I have an extremely low threshold for pain - will Ultracel suit me as a treatment?


A patient who is considering Ultracel asks our resident expert Dr Natalie Blakely:

Dear Dr Natalie  Blakely, ...
Can you tell me how painful Ultracel is as I have an extremely low threshold for pain .
Also can you tell me the cost of one Ultracel treatment. Thank you.

Expert Natalie replies:

ULTRAcel is a comfortable treatment, it's non surgical and no anaesthetic is needed. During the treatment you can feel something is happening but the treatment is not uncomfortable. In addition, we adjust levels following the patient's feedback throughout the treatment.
At the Light Touch Clinic, we recommend a course of three treatments taken a month a part to see the very best results. This treatment is only performed by an experienced medical practitioner so either Dr Blakely or Janine Scott RGN. Lower face and neck is out most popular package (£3,300 for 3 treatments) but we also offer:
Eyes and brows: £1,500 for 3
Full face, neck, eyes and brows: £4,200

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