Hey singletons! When did you last visit the dentist?


Lovebirds have better teeth.

That’s according to scientists who discovered that we are more likely to stick to our dental appointments if we’re loved up than if we’re single.

Which all means that finding your perfect partner will put a smile on your face in more ways than one!

The researchers in Oz found a direct link between the regularity of our dental visit, our dental hygiene and our relationship status.

And, according to researcher Grace Branjerdporn, it’s all down to intimacy and that those who liked being alone were more likely to suffer bad oral health.

They avoid any check ups to prevent ongoing dental problems and feeling awkward about the appearance of their teeth.

For those of us in a relationship, however, we are more likely to be extra confident about our mouths and happier to invest time and effort into looking after them.

But if you do suffer with poor oral health, laser treatment could be the answer.

Scientists say that this high tech dentistry equipment is super effective at zapping away bacteria in our mouths, suggesting that this then improves our oral health considerably.

The team created mathematical models, based on the characteristics of gum tissues and bacteria, and then simulated lasers to illustrate how they can ensure better dental health following any periodontal treatments.
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