Do ‘mole checker' apps really work?


Dear Dr Masani, I have quite a few moles and have seen a ‘mole checker app’ advertised on Facebook, would you recommend using something like this to keep track of the size of my moles? Thanks Jenny, Oxford

Dear Jenny
There are several Apps now available which claim to diagnose moles - cancerous or non-cancerous. I have tried them and in my view they cannot be relied upon. There are too many false positives and negatives and all it causes is unnecessary worry and anxiety. Suppose a mole is reported positive for cancer the the person will still have to see a specialist.
My advice would be to have a mole check by a Dermatologist or a GP with special interest in Skin Care and one who has experience in using a Dermascope which would give far greater accuracy and professional advice. It is more than adequate to carry this out once a year with the specialist. Regards JJNM 

Dr J J N Masani MBBS, OStJ

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