Things to know if considering Semi-Permanent Make-Up


What are Semi-Permanent Make-Up Procedures?
Semi Permanent Make-Up is also called permanent or tattoo cosmetics, and the treatment involves having pharmaceutical grade tattooing to give the look of cosmetic enhancement. Popular semi permanent make-up procedures include permanent eyebrows, permanent eye liner, permanent lip liner and permanent blusher. Some practitioners will also tattoo permanent ‘stubble’; tattoo the scalp to give the impression of thicker hair; tattoo the areola (nipple area) to change the colour or even out pigmentation; or tattoo freckles and beauty ‘spots’.

What is involved in a Semi-Permanent Make-up Procedure?

Semi-permanent make-up procedures can be performed using various tattooing devices, from simple hand devices to digital machines, and will usually take more than 2 hours. For some patients the experience will be merely uncomfortable, but others may find it moderately painful.

What are the risks of Semi Permanent Make-Up?

As with any tattoo procedure, semi permanent make up carries a risk of bleeding, scarring, allergic reaction and infection. There is also the risk of pigment migration and an unsatisfactory or asymmetrical cosmetic result.

How long will it take me to recover from Semi-Permanent Make-Up procedure?

After your semi-permanent cosmetic procedure you should expect some slight redness, tenderness and swelling, and sometimes some mild bruising, but these side effects should gradually subside over the next few days. Initially the colour of the tattooed make-up will look very dark but this will have lightened considerably by the end of the first week. Normally you should expect to resume your normal activities immediately after your semi-permanent make-up procedure.

How much does Semi-Permanent Make-Up cost?

Prices for semi-permanent make-up range from £100- £850.

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