Government to introduce licensing scheme for Botox and fillers


A licensing scheme for non-surgical cosmetic treatments will be introduced by the UK, including fillers and Botox. 

The move follows a ban on cosmetic treatments on under 18s in England.

The amendment to the Health and Care Bill was tabled on 1 March. It would give the Health Secretary the power to introduce a licensing scheme for non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

It is hoped the change will guarantee consistent standards and also protect individuals from the harmful effects of badly-performed procedures.

Effective regulation

Maria Caulfield is the Minister for Patient Safety. 'The spread of images on social media has contributed to an increase in demand for cosmetic procedures such as Botox and fillers,' she said: 

'While these can be administered safely, we are seeing an unacceptable rise in people being left physically and also mentally scarred from poorly performed procedures.

'Today’s amendment is the next step on the road to effective regulation of non-surgical cosmetic procedures in England.'

Botox ban

Last October, Botox-style injections were banned for under 18s in England. Government data estimates around 41,000 of these procedures were carried out on this age group in 2020. 

Health and Social Care Secretary Sajid Javid added that 'far too many' individuals have suffered physical and emotional scarring.

'I urge anyone considering a cosmetic procedure to take the time to think about the impact on both their physical and mental health and ensure they are using a reputable, safe and qualified practitioner,' he said.

The government has also banned advertising  – including social media, influencer and traditional advertising – for cosmetic procedures that target under 18s.

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