‘The wedding dress is now in a box on top of the wardrobe but I wear my smile every day’


When TV producer Lisa Douglas was planning her wedding, she knew a new smile was top of the list of ‘to dos’ before the big day.

Based in London and working on Britain’s favourite daytime show, This Morning, the 38 year old bride-to-be had seen many a celebrity smile – and knew that not all of them were naturally gifted with straight, white teeth. As we know, a little cosmetic dentistry can transform the looks of the stars of stage and screen as well as anyone else’s.

Lisa says: ‘I was getting married and was conscious of having the photos for the rest of my life. I had always felt that my teeth were crossed at the bottom and uneven at the top so I decided to do something about it.

‘Ten Dental told me about it as an option. It was reasonably priced, compared to other systems out there, and, from the “before and after” shots I had seen, had great results.’

She adds: ‘It also suited my timescale as I went to Ten Dental nine months before my wedding.’

Ten Dental is an award-wining practice based in Clapham, Balham and Wandsworth in the capital and her treating dentist was Dr Mide Ojo, who created Lisa’s new smile using the Cfast braces.

Lisa says: ‘I started the procedure in February and I have just finished with whitening. I was nervous to begin with – it was something I had wanted for a long time. I had slight crossing on my bottom teeth and my front tooth slightly protruded but, after four and a half months of Cfast braces, they’re all perfectly straight.’

Lisa was also impressed by the collaborative approach to her cosmetic teeth-straightening treatment.

She says: ‘The process was explained to me from the beginning. At any point, if I had any questions, I was able to ask. I’m really pleased. I wish I’d had it done earlier!’

Lisa had top and bottom tooth-coloured wires and brackets so they were almost invisible – even to those she worked with.

They didn’t affect her speech either and it only took a short while for her mouth to adjust to the braces so that they were comfortable.

The only problem she had was when eating certain foods – she says: ‘Anything sticky became problematic and salad leafs would get stuck in the braces. I learnt to always carry around a toothpick or floss.’

On completion of the treatment, Ten Dental offered free whitening – which was a bonus – ‘so I took up that offer,’ she smiles.

And would she recommend Cfast to anyone who may be considering a straightforward and easy-to-wear solution to misaligned teeth?

Lisa is enthusiastic in her response. She says: ‘The results are really quick. Within a few weeks, I had already noticed my teeth starting to move – I thought the movement would take a lot longer to visibly notice. It wasn’t painful at all – uncomfortable at first as my mouth got used to the braces – but, after the first couple of weeks, I forgot I had them in. I liked the fact they were fixed braces (rather than removable) as it meant I didn’t have to remember to put them in or out so, in a way, they became a lot more low maintenance.’

Cfast focuses on the top and bottom front six teeth – the ‘social six’ – and is ideal for mild to moderate crowding, gaps, and gummy smiles.

In fact, it’s a favourite with celebrities who have used the system without the press even noticing! Lisa agrees. She says: ‘Most people didn’t know that I had Cfast unless I mentioned it. I didn’t keep it a secret but if people asked I was happy to tell them.’

Lisa now says: ‘I can’t stop looking at my new smile. I laugh now more confidently and honestly wish I had done it much sooner. With everything else we spent on the wedding, my smile was seriously the best investment. The dress is now in a box on top of the wardrobe but I wear my smile every day.

And she’s even inspired several work colleagues to have orthodontic treatment.

She says: ‘Since having my braces, there have been around five or six other people in the office who have had their teeth straightened, too, so I think more people understand that any investment in your smile is a good value return in the long run.’

Lisa’s three top tips for having teeth straightening treatment

Dental Wax is your new best friend when you first get your braces fitted. My teeth didn’t hurt but inside of my mouth was red and sore as it adjusted to the braces.  Placing dental wax on your braces at night really helps in those first couple of weeks.

Super floss really helps you get to grips with all those bits of food that get stuck in your braces. Plus, it is important that you look after your gums as well as your teeth whilst the Cfast treatment is progressing.

Avoid chewing gum or toffees.  I was told this when I first got Cfast but, of course, as I got used to them I decided to chance it. I then spent the next 30 minutes trying to pick it out of my braces!

Top three celebrity smiles

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