The skinny on fat transfer – why we’re busting a gut to look youthful


Americans are shifting their body weight to plump up the volume elsewhere.

News from across the pond is that an increasing number of Americans are embracing their inner skinny in a big way – but using fat grafting to treat other areas of their body that are sagging.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ annual audit of cosmetic procedures shows a 3% rise in the number of people seeking both invasive and non-invasive treatments to get fit, look more youthful and turn back the clock on their appearance.

And the trend for fat removal is booming with many American men and women busting a gut to get into clinics to get rid of it or harvest it for to boost their face, bum or even reshape breasts.

Plagued by an ever-increasing obesity epidemic, Americans are seeking alternatives to the serious ‘gym addiction’ route to slimming down the body.

Even those who have lost shed pounds by dieting and keeping fit may find their weight reaching a plateau and are therefore seeking surgery in an attempt to nail that much-desired toned body.

The new data reveals that an increasing number of people are seeking the many cosmetic surgery routes to a new slimline shape and this includes body fat reduction, fat harvesting, fat transfer and fat grafting.

The abdomen is the ideal place to harvest unwanted fat – following liposuction, this fat can then be injected and used for rejuvenation elsewhere.

Buttock augmentation using fat grafting increased in the States by 26% and breast augmentation, using the same procedure, rose by 72%.

Other, non-invasive options include injections that target fat pockets such as the area under the chin and fat freezing.

These cosmetic treatments may not count as a surgical procedure but it is always best to ask essential questions of the practitioner, such as their experience, their qualifications, evidence of results and patient testimonials.
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