Tattoo Regrets


The past is what makes us who we are, don't waste time regretting those tattoos you had in your younger years, have a read below at our 5 frequently asked questions about laser tattoo removal and see what you can do about them today:

How does laser tattoo removal work?

Tattoos stay under the skin as the ink particles are too large for the body to naturally remove. The laser sends a short pulse of energy light through the skin and breaks down these ink particles. The body's immune system is then able to remove these from the skin. It is a gradual process that requires several treatments.

Does laser tattoo removal hurt?

Many patients claim laser treatment feels like an elastic band being twanged against the skin. Even though it is not painless, it takes less time than being tattooed and the discomfort is probably no more than getting a tattoo initially. Discomfort can be reduced through anaesthetic creams and ice packs.

How many laser treatment sessions will I need?

This is dependent on the tattoo and whether you wish for it to be completely removed or dulled down for a successful cover up. Old and faded tattoos will be much easier to remove than a newer black or multi-coloured tattoo.

Can any tattoo be removed?

Complete tattoo removal can never be guaranteed. Some colours are harder to remove than others. This will be discussed during an initial consultation so that you are fully aware of the results expected for you.

Does laser tattoo removal scar?

Laser treatments do not cause scarring but it important that aftercare is followed to avoid any lasting damage to the skin. Sometimes the original tattoo will have caused scar tissue which will be noticeable if the pigmentation is removed. However, generally there is no lasting damage to the skin. On a very rare occasion, mild changes in the skin texture or colour may occur but this tends to restore within 6-12 months.

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