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If you’re like 80% of adults who struggle to get in their full eight hours sleep a night, then this Friday’s celebration of World Sleep Day (17 March) may just be the nudge you need towards ensuring you grab forty winks.

This global awareness day serves to remind us all of the importance of sleep – to our health and wellbeing as well as to the way our looks.

Cosmetic treatments aside, there are few better ways to hold back the years on our appearance than ensuring we get our beauty sleep, that’s proven to be restorative thanks to the nightly process of skin cells renewal and skin waste disposal keeping us looking fresh and youthful.

This year’s World Sleep Day slogan is ‘Sleep Soundly, Nurture Life’ and it is reassuring to know that sleep disruption, and its many associated disorders and conditions, is preventable and/or treatable – although few of us are taking any action to remedy our wakefulness during the night hours.

Has your partner even commented on your extreme snoring? At best, it’s annoying and may wake up them (and you), but did you know that it may be a sign of a more serious, underlying problem?

Poor sleepers are also more likely to be obese, have high blood pressure and diabetes.

Obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) is a common sleep disorder that involves short to lengthy pauses in breathing or shallow breathing and is caused by a decreased or obstructed airway passage. Usually, normal breathing starts again, commonly with a snort or with choking. It’s estimated that 5% of Brits remain undiagnosed with OSA, suggesting many of us may benefit from proper screening, diagnosis and treatment.

Current research suggests stroke is more prevalent in people living with OSA and heart failure is also 12-16% more prevalent in OSA patients.

For those struggling with sleep apnoea and snoring, there is an effective solution.

The Somnowell Chrome has been quoted as the world's first 4th generation oral device for snoring and sleep apnoea.

Designed by visiting Professor Simon Ash, a consultant and specialist orthodontist with more than 30 years clinical experience, the Somnowell Chrome offers a long-term solution to these chronic conditions.

Professor Simon Ash explains: ‘If you hold the jaw forward during sleep, this device opens the airway and is a well proven remedy for snoring and OSA. Many mandibular advancement devices are available and are shown to be effective; however, success is dependent on patient comfort and compliance with wearing the device regularly.

‘Plastic devices, though inexpensive, are inherently bulky, occupying precious tongue space and are uncomfortable to wear. They are difficult to clean and harbour bacteria. The Somnowell is made of cast chrome cobalt. It is tailor-made for the patient, slim, discreet and comfortable to wear. It can be sterilised, is fairly robust and, with careful use, can last for many years. Many of the design features of the device may help to act as a barrier between the teeth limiting the damaging effects of nocturnal bruxism and tooth grinding often associated with a poor night’s sleep.’

The device is suitable for snorers, mild to moderate sleep apnoea sufferers and more severe OSA sufferers who cannot tolerate continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy. The success rate with the Somnowell Chrome is reportedly between 93-96% and is thanks largely to the comfort and effectiveness of the device, as well as the screening process, undertaken by a registered Somnowell practitioner in order assess for suitability and highlight possible contraindications.

Research also reveals that thanks to our addiction to staying 'constantly connected' the glowing blue light from your mobile, watching TV in bed and stressing over work emails are all putting paid to those ZZZZZs.

That’s why sleep experts suggest we put all technology to bed an hour before our head hits the pillow.

Losing sleep can also lead to an increase in appetite and, add to the temptation to make unhealthy food choices throughout the day because of insufficient rest, we risk piling on weight as well as having tired eyes and ageing skin!

If it’s too late and you’re already sporting heavy bags, panda eyes and wrinkles to match, Comparethetreatment.com expert Dr Rita Rakus recommends treatment with the dermal filler, Restylane.

She says it is ideal for smoothing out fine or superficial lines that can give us that much-dreaded 'tired' look.

Restylane is injected into the upper layer of the skin to smooth out these telltale signs of ageing – and is also great for sleep creases.

And if you fear all that beauty sleep will create premature wrinkles, then you can always invest in delicate silk sheets and pillow covers that are kinder to skin so you wake up feeling rested – and flawless.

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