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Anti-ageing gin promises to fight off wrinkles as you drink
Aptly named Anti-AGin, a gin has been created that is purported to have anti-ageing properties.  The gin is distilled with ingestible collagen and age-defying botanicals. Heralded by its creators as the "alcoholic equivalent of a facial", this is the first ever gin created with skin boosting ingredients.

Anti-aGin also contains a mix of antioxidant and skin-healing botanicals including green tea, witch hazel, nettle and gotu-kola - which the bottle claims can help reduce cellulite and sun damage.


Consuming collagen is nothing new, however.  In Japan, a burgeoning number of 'beauty restaurants' have long been serving food containing chunks of collagen, and supermarkets have been responding to growing demand for collagen-rich foods such as sweets and noodles.

The gin - commissioned be Warner Leisure Hotels - was created by food and drink alchemists Bompas and Parr.  Collagen and other nutritional supplements are one of the fastest growing beauty trends - the market for these 'nutricosmetics' is estimated to be worth £4.8bn by 2020.

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