'Singing Dentist' reveals why parents must get smart to make tooth-brushing fun



Getting kids into the bathroom long enough for them to brush their teeth properly can be a challenge.

A recent survey found that although 80% of us Brits take our offspring to routine dental appointments, one in five of us only take our kids to the dentist when needed with some of us unsure how often they go.

And, when it comes to monitoring our children's oral care routine, 80% of parents say that they keep a close eye on their children's daily routine care, while the rest confess they leave it up to the kids to take care of their teeth.

Here, Comparethetreatment.com expert and father-of-two, 'Singing Dentist' Milad Shadrooh, looks at some smart ways parents can get their kids brushing:

How best to encourage kids to brush effectively and for long enough?
Try to make brushing fun (as much as it can be!)
Reward kids for their efforts
Have a cool toothbrush to ensure they clean for the all-essential two minutes
Use timers, sing songs, play tunes or use visual aids that is entertaining
Help them adopt the correct brushing techniques.

What do you think of Sonicare for Kids Connected?
I like the concept; it ticks a lot of the boxes. It's a nice and cool sonic brush so I'm sure kids will like it. Having an associated app is great as most kids have access to smartphones or tablets and the videos make the brushing experience more fun for them.


How do you think kids will react to Sparkly the app character?
I think it will be nice for the younger kids, having a catchy name like Sparkly helps, as parents can use that to encourage the kids to brush so they help Sparkly. This turns the experience of brushing into more of a game or fun time process as opposed to a chore. If that can help establish the brushing habit early on, then hopefully that habit will stay with them for their adult life.

Do you think kids will be excited and motivated by the connectivity and gamification aspects of the new product?
Kids love games and visuals, especially tablets and phones, so I think the connectivity is a great idea. Anything to get them excited about brushing is a good thing and it's all about getting that habit instilled into them from an early age. Most adults have electric brushes nowadays and our children always want to copy us so having their own special sonic brush has got to improve kids with their brushing compliance.

As a dentist, why do you think using a sonic toothbrush will be more effective than a manual brush?
I recommend electric brushes because of their ease of use and improved plaque removal, when used correctly. I prefer the sonic technology because of the way it leaves the teeth feeling clean and polished. Also, it is much quieter and sleeker to use. Using a manual brush correctly is difficult for those with dexterity issues, whether it is due to age or other factors, so anything that makes that process easier and more effective has to be recommended.

Would you like your children to use Sonicare for Kids? What does your daughter think of the product?
My daughter likes the app, as she is crazy about anything bubbly and colourful on the smartphone. The app has the feel of the other apps aimed at children's learning so it fits in well. My wife and I both use the Sonicare and my daughter likes to copy us with hers but, at two years old, she finds the sonic vibrations a little tickly and she giggles all the way through brushing at the moment. It's made brushing fun and she sometimes reminds me it's time to brush teethies!

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