Siara Khan Smiles through Invisalign Aligners


Saira Khan has joined the list of celebrities that have had orthodontic treatment like Tom Cruise, Fearne Cotton, Faye Dunaway, and Niall Horan.


Some time ago the talk show host revealed that she was feeling self-conscious of her protruding teeth. Even when other people told her they were fine, she still found it hard to smile, especially in front of the camera.

Now using Invisalign aligners, Saira says that she can start seeing the difference. She says she opted for the Invisalign aligners because they are invisible. People didn’t even notice she had them on until she told them. Being a TV host means that she has to talk a lot, and Saira says Invisalign allows her to do so without any disruptions. The host of ITV’s Loose Women says she is now used to wearing the aligners for 22 hours — “I’ve gotten used to putting them in and out”.

Invisalign aligners are ideal for repositioning misaligned teeth and correcting a crooked smile. The invisible nature of the aligners makes them perfect for everyday use without feeling self-conscious. Saira did a lot of research on different types of aligners before picking Invisalign as the best option for her. After the end of this treatment, Saira intends to get other cosmetic procedures like crown replacement, teeth whitening and shaping, all of which treatments you can search on for more information and to find a practitioner.

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