Shh! The best cosmetic treatments you can keep secret


‘London lip queen’ Dr Rita Rakus keeps her lips sealed as to who but reveals why more and more people wish to hide the fact they’re having cosmetic procedures


What are the most discreet cosmetic procedures to have?

Major surgery is a full undertaking that is hard to conceal from family and friends. Firstly because it aims to give full results, and secondly due to its recovery time. However, there are many other cosmetic procedures that give more discreet results. Injectable treatments are a great option to improve wrinkles and reverse the signs of ageing — in a natural and subtle way. We have also noticed an increase in our patients having treatments such as Coolsculpting, a clinically proven procedure that involves freezing fat cells without damage to your skin and which has minimal downtime, which means as soon as your treatment is over you can resume your day-to-day activities without anyone knowing you’ve had the procedure.

Do you know of any patients who have had treatment and not told anyone?

Yes, more than ever, clients are requesting natural results and want to keep the treatment a secret. In particular, we’ve seen an increase in men seeking injectable procedures and not telling their friends or colleagues.  Our various skin-tightening and facial lifting treatments, which include ULTRAcel and Thermage, are also very popular amongst our patients due to their non-invasive action which can achieve both short- and long-term results with minimal or no downtime. It is really beneficial for reducing wrinkles, fine lines and overall rejuvenation.

What are the reasons?

Getting any cosmetic procedure can be a daunting experience, especially for the first time, and people often fear they might be judged for having a treatment. By ensuring the procedure is discreet and confidential between the doctor and client, clients can feel relaxed and not pressured in any way as well being assured that there is a limited chance of anyone knowing they had a treatment.

Is it a growing trend?

Yes absolutely. Cosmetic procedures will continue to improve and achieve the most natural, beautiful results so clients will always be able to keep their treatments discreet should they wish.

Why do you think this is?

Women want to look good and feel confident without letting people into the secret that they have had a procedure or surgery. They may also not want to reveal their insecurity to everyone they know, and instead keep this private.

Psychologically, do you think this is a challenge for the patient?

I would always advise it’s best to divulge the news to at least one person, such as a spouse, because they may need support following any treatment.


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