SculpSure Bra Strap Fat Reduction at LaserSculpt Clinic


Summary: A 50 year old female presented at the LaserSculpt Clinic in Liverpool with asymmetric excess fat in the bra strap area.

SculpSure body contouring was performed using 4 diode laser applicators requiring a total treatment time of 25 minutes (additional SculpSure treatment was provided to the anterior abdominal wall in the same sitting).

The result measured at 6 weeks was best on posterior photography demonstrating a marked reduction in back fat, reversal of skin creasing and a smoothing of the contour of the body to create a natural sculpted appearance.

Presenting complaint: A 50 year old female concerned with the appearance of her back, in particular areas of fat below the bra strap

Medical History: Attended the Liverpool LaserSculpt Clinic in May 2017. She complained of excess fat to the area immediately below the bra strap.

She was in good health with no other medical conditions to note. She kept well hydrated and drank alcohol in moderation. She did enjoy low intensity cardiovascular exercise including yoga and long walks.

Her menstrual cycle was normal and there was no possibility of pregnancy.

Drug history: None. No known allergies

Examination: Significant deposits of subcutaneous fat were identified on the back below both bra straps. These were asymmetrical with the right more prominent than the left. There was skin creasing evident. There were no scars or significant stretch marks. There were no contraindications to treatment.

Pre-procedural photography was performed at 45 degree angles sequentially to map the entire torso in a neutral position and in exhalation with the arms above the shoulders to exclude them from view.

Treatment: A 25 minute SculpSure treatment was prescribed using 2 diode lasers positioned directly over the fatty deposits on each side. Following the four minute build cycle a stepped increase in laser power was delivered until full power was achieved in all diodes. The client had no significant side effects but did experience heating and cooling sensations and a feeling of either pinching or pressure depending on the area being treated.

Following the procedure the client was advised to keep well hydrated and to lightly massage the areas treated twice daily for 5 minutes in line with the standard laser manufacturer’s advice.

Results: The client returned to the LaserSculpt Clinic 6 weeks after the procedure. Diet and exercise regime had remained static. Evaluation photography was performed in identical positions to the pre-procedural evaluation. There had been a significant reduction in the appearance of the fatty deposits on the back. The skin creasing was significantly reduced and an overall smoother more natural appearance was achieved. The client was delighted with the results.

Conclusion: SculpSure laser body contouring can reduce the appearance of subcutaneous fat in selective areas. The device is FDA approved for use on abdomen, flanks, backs and extremities. Procedural times are 25 minutes and results are visible typically 6 weeks after a single session of treatment. SculpSure does not treat visceral fat which lies within the abdomen. SculpSure should complement a healthy lifestyle. At LaserSculpt clinics nutritional and exercise advice is given freely.

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