One in five Brits only brush their teeth once a day


A worrying one in five adults in Britain only brush their teeth once a day.

Looking at around 2,000 Brits, a new survey highlights some severe habit changes among the population during lockdown.

Statistics also show that 22% have even gone more than three days without brushing, while more than 25% never floss. 

Other alarming findings include: 

  • More than 35% admit the lack of routine means they forget to brush as regularly as they should
  • Around 28% say other health concerns take priority 
  • One in 20 would not change their toothbrush more often than every six months.

Equally three quarters of those surveyed said they are keen to get their routine back on track as soon as possible.

Why do we brush our teeth twice a day?

It is important that you brush your teeth twice a day – with one of those sessions taking place right before bed.

Brushing your teeth twice a day guarantees that the microbes causing bad breath are swiftly removed before they build up. 

It also helps to remove any food particles that are lodged between the teeth.

Your oral hygiene routine, however, is not complete without flossing.

Some studies show that flossing is responsible for around 40% of bacteria removal, highlighting just how important it is not to skip a step. 

Flossing is encouraged in addition to brushing from the age of 12. 

If your gums bleed – don't panic! Just carry on flossing and the bleeding should stop as your gums get healthier.

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