‘Locker room syndrome’ drives up demand for penile rejuvenation — the ‘next big thing’ in cosmetic surgery


A cosmetic surgeon foresees penis rejuvenation as the next ‘big thing’ and it’s being driven by ‘locker room syndrome’ — with men comparing and contrasting the size of their manhood.

US surgeon Jason Emer predicts that shape-changing surgery could be on the cards for blokes and the trend is in hot pursuit of the much-talked about ‘designer vagina’ cosmetic phenomenon.

Dr Emer says: ‘I have many younger male patients who are interested in this. As the vaginal rejuvenation market is skyrocketing, men are seeking their own type of rejuvenation. Who wouldn’t want to be a little bit longer, thicker, or have more sensitivity and a better sex life? These men are also becoming interested in the cosmetic appearance of the actual penis and scrotum itself.’

Meanwhile, here in the UK, cosmetic surgeon and comparethetreatment.com expert Dr Gary Horn confirms he too has seen a growth spurt in the number of men demanding penile cosmetic treatments.

He says: ‘I have seen a big increase in men’s surgery in the last 12 months

In England, I am doing an average of seven penoplasties a week and 20 non-surgical penoplasties.

‘Most of the time, it’s to boost self confidence due to ‘locker syndrome’. Sometimes, it’s for sexual reasons — premature ejaculation — but, rarely, is it because their partner has given birth several times.’

As long as patients feel more self confident afterward, he says, then it’s a success. He adds: ‘Nothing is magic, but girth is definitely increased — and partners agree with this.’

According to Horn, recovery time for length and girth is three weeks, girth only two weeks, and non-surgical, 3 to 10 days.

Surgery may also appeal to older men or those who suffer with erectile dysfunction as a result of health issues, such as prostate cancer treatment or high blood pressure.

But it’s also suited to blokes with ‘cosmetic concerns that keep them from feeling good during intimacy or being comfortable naked’.

The operation to enlarge the length and girth of the penis in penis enlargement surgery is called a penoplasty. Many men are worried about the size of their penis and are afraid that they don’t measure up compared to their friends.  Most men worry about the size of the penis in the flaccid state, since it is bigger when it is erect anyway. For some, both the flaccid and erect size is a big worry.

It should be remembered that your sexual experience will not be enhanced by having the penile enlargement surgery itself (except that you will feel more confident in sexual encounters that is). Most men who have penis enlargement surgery choose to have both the length and thickness enhanced at the same time.

Another tip to help make your penis look larger is to shave the pubic hair, or at least trim it back. This will make it look as though you have a bigger penis. It may also help to lose weight on the abdomen especially in the pubic region in the lower part.

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