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Snap-on Smile

What is a Snap-on Smile?

Snap-on Smile is a multi-purpose restorative dental appliance that involves no surgery or injections and is removable. Made from a specialised resin, this allows for the appliance to be made as thin as 0.5mm without compromising on strength. These are fitted directly over existing teeth and can be used for a variety of situations.

What kind of material is Snap-on Smile made from?

The Snap-on-Smile appliance is made out of crystallised resin. Unlike alternative acrylic methods, resin is more durable and non-staining. The resin is so durable that it is also used in heart valve replacement surgery and even in aircraft cabinetry for NASA.

What steps are there in receiving Snap-on Smile?

At your first consultation an accurate impression and bite registration will be taken at the arch or arches that are to receive the appliance. From here, the patient and doctor choose the correct shade and shape for you. A style guide is available to help patients select their desired shape. Photos may also be taken to aid technicians in fabricating the most aesthetic results.

Within 14 days your dentist will receive a personalised case in preparation for your smile to be elevated. No cementation or bonding is required, nor will this appliance fall out.

What food can be eaten while wearing a Snap-on Smile?

Patients are not required to follow any food or drink restrictions whilst wearing a Snap-on Smile. However, it is usually advised to start with a softer diet and work up to harder more substantial foods.

How does the Snap-on Smile look? Will my teeth appear bulky compared to my natural teeth?

Especially when first applied, teeth may feel bulky but they will look natural, as they would if you were wearing veneers or a partial denture.

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