Doctors say girls as young as 15 are seeking ‘designer vaginas’


A survey of doctors reveals that teenagers as young as 15 are booking GP appointments to ask about ‘designer vaginas’.

The spike in enquiries about labiaplasty is believed to stem from many girls fearing their genitals do not look ‘normal’.

The cosmetic procedure has gained popularity of late, thanks largely to increased exposure ‘down below’ with the trend for Brazilian waxes and hair-free grooming.

It’s not all about aesthetics, however.

Some women are seeking surgery to improve comfort, too, with cosmetic surgeon and expert Angelica Kavouni saying many of her patients seeking functional solutions were keen cyclists.

In the survey, 54% of doctors claimed to have seen female patients asking about the cosmetic procedure with more than half of the GPS suspecting psychological problems, such as body dysmorphic disorder and depression or relationship issues.

Cosmetic surgeon and expert Marc Pacifico has also had enquiries from a younger generation, admitting that some calls to his plastic surgery clinic have come from under 18's.

For those women old enough to make decisions about cosmetic procedures, he says that surgery can address marked asymmetry and/or significant protrusion but, like with all cosmetic treatments, he advises that there needs to be an open consultation during which the patients learns about realistic outcomes as well as any risks and complications.


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