Cosmetic surgery industry ‘not an inch safer’ since PIP scandal


The safety of cosmetic surgery is worse than ever and not an ‘inch more safer than it was three years ago at the height of the PIP cosmetic breast implant scandal’.

That’s according to cosmetic surgery coach and safety campaigner Antonia Mariconda, who also is one of’s experts.

She founded the Safety in Beauty Campaign – the UK’s only independent non-commercial recourse for victims of botched beauty and cosmetic procedures – three years ago in response to the faulty breast implant horror.

To mark its anniversary, this week she lamented the lack of new regulation that’s needed to stamp out any cosmetic surgery cowboys.

She claims the industry is ‘not an inch safer than it was three years ago at the height of the PIP cosmetic breast implant scandal’ adding: ‘If anything, the industry is now actually worse than ever, with any Tom, Dick and Harriet jumping on the cosmetic cash lucrative commercial bandwagon.’

With complaints at an all-time high, Safety in Beauty has also unveiled a new expert advisory panel to mark its three-year anniversary.

They believe we not only remain vulnerable to those rogue practitioners who put profits before safety, but also lack the necessary support or recourse should cosmetic treatments and services we have prove shoddy or substandard.

Antonia says: ‘For three years, we have worked tirelessly to protect the public from cosmetic cowboys who are now rife in the industry, either unscrupulously flying in from abroad to cash in on the cosmetic boom of the last few years or to undertake poor, substandard, unregulated training in cosmetic injections to cash in on this lucrative sector.’

With complaints reaching an all-time peak, the campaign also reports cases of poor practice in areas as far reaching as lasers aesthetic treatments and tattoos to fake beauty products and devices.

The campaign expert advisory panel features:
• Plastic surgeon Norman Waterhouse
• Specialist plastic surgeon, cosmetic surgeon and medical aesthetic doctor Jonquile Chantrey
• Dermatologist and expert Dr Stefanie Williams
• Hair transplant surgeon Bessam Farjo
• Dermatologist and aesthetic expert Dr Ariel Haus
• Aesthetic nurse and independent prescriber Rachel Goddard
• Cosmetic dentist James Goolnik
• Mesotherapy and aesthetic doctor Dr Philippe Pisal-Hamida
• Permanent make up expert Tracie Giles.

Industry technical experts include:
• Clinical negligence lawyer Mandy Luckman and Cheryl Palmer Hughes
• Industry aesthetic fillers expert Sandra Fishlock
• Pyschotherapist Norman Wright
• Celebrity GP Dr Hilary Jones
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