Chrissy Teigen opens up about ‘secret’ cosmetic treatment


A model has revealed she underwent liposuction – to boost her confidence when it comes to dresses.

For all those avid Twitter users, it is known that Chrissy Teigen is not afraid to say what she thinks. From clever comebacks to challenging fellow celebrities, her profile is never short of entertainment.

And now the 31-year-old wife of crooner John Legend has opened up about a cosmetic procedure she opted for nine years ago. 

Speaking to Refinery29, she admitted she underwent liposuction to have an armpit ‘sucked out’.  She described the procedure as ‘easy’ and said it made her feel fantastic in dresses – even boosting her overall confidence. 

And she said she has no regrets, adding she will have to undergo another round at some point in the future in order to maintain her look. 

But the mother of one is not the only celebrity to reveal she has opted for liposuction.

Kerry Katona has filmed herself undergoing her third round of non-surgical liposuction. According to The Sun, the media personality had already lost three stone thanks to the treatment. Speaking on the video, describes the procedure as ‘amazing’ – while claiming it is not uncomfortable and actually feels ‘nice and relaxing’. The 36 year old added that it allows her to be able to sculpt her body the way she wants it.

But she has said surgery is not the only way she has shed the pounds, dropping from a size 14 to a size 8. Exercise is also a key element of her beauty regime. She emphasised that she does yoga each day while cutting down the carbs and alcohol. 

Non-surgical liposuction involves using laser energy, ultrasound or radiofrequency to freeze fat cells on the body or face. 

And the ex-Loose Women presenter is not the only female on the show to go public with her cosmetic choices.  Lisa Riley has lost an impressive 11 stone through exercise and dieting in a bid for a healthier body. The 40-year-old has spoken about having loose skin surgically removed as a result of her dramatic weight loss.  The Former Emmerdale star, however, is adamant that she will not get addicted to the treatment. 

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