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IV Therapies
  • I lack the body nutrients I need to be healthy
  • I am fatigued and rundown
  • I am at risk of harmful infections and viruses

IV Therapy treatments, also referred to as vitamin nutrient therapy treatments, are for those who require extra vitamins to control the potential for harmful infections and viruses, as well as keeping the body healthy.

IV Therapy treatments can be an effective solution to those who lack vital nutrients for a healthy body, but also those who are prone to infections and viruses. 

There are several different IV Therapy treatments to choose from and this can be discussed on consultation with your clinician pre-treatment so you are matched with the most efficient and effective vitamin. IV injection procedures usually take around 15 to 20 minutes. 

Often, IV Therapy treatments pose no major risks if performed by a professional, experienced clinician. There may be slight irritation and bruising from the injected treatment area, however, this usually only lasts for a few days.

There is no affect to lifestyle or activities, and aftercare and advice for future IV follow up injections will be discussed on consultation, and further on treatment day. 

It is important to note that if IV Therapies are practiced by a non-professional, aesthetic individual, a risk of toxicity, hypervitaminosis and rarely, but possible, phlebitis can occur. Like any non-surgical or surgical procedure, always seek professional, experienced and safe practitioners when undergoing any treatment. 

Cost of IV Therapy is dependent on chosen injection and other individual factors which can be discussed on consultation. For example, a typical IM Booster Shot for Vitamin B12, commonly used for anaemia, starts at £29, whereas a more intense vitamin injection such as Megaboost® usually costs around £199. 

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