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3D Lipo
  • I have stubborn pockets of fat I can’t shift
  • I want to reduce the appearance of cellulite
  • I want to tighten up my skin

3D-Lipo is a powerful non-surgical approach to liposuction can reduce body fat and cellulite by destroying fat cells. It can be used on both the face and body to treat stubborn fat pockets and loose skin.

The 3D-Lipo device has several options that can be individually tailored to suit your needs and problem areas. The blend of treatments can deliver a solution that isn’t invasive while still resulting in the reduced appearance of cellulite and tightening the skin in the long term. It can be used on both the face and body to treat stubborn fat pockets and loose skin. The functions of 3D-Lipo include:

Ultrasound Cavitation
The benefit of Ultrasound Cavitation is that the patient doesn’t need to exercise after the treatment. The treatment will typically need six to eight sessions on a weekly basis before significant fat loss can be seen. The process works by using ultrasound to add pressure to fat cells, causing them to rupture and allowing them to be processed naturally by the body.

Cryolipolysis freezes fat cells, without damaging the skin, leading to them being naturally processed by the body. It can take several months for the body to complete processing the frozen fat cells, so while only one treatment session is needed, it may take up to six months for the results to be evident.

Radio Frequency
Using Radio Frequency to heat targeted areas of tissues leads to the collagen fibres contracting and the body producing new collagen. This newly produced collagen results in tighter, firmer skin that gives a youthful look. Vacuum suction and rollers are also used to drain exhausted fat cells from the body as part of the process. For the best results most people will need between six and eight courses of treatment.

While each function of the 3D-Lipo devices works differently they all result in the reduction of fat cells and tighter skin. Ultrasound Cavitation breaks down the fat cells, turning them into liquid, Cryolipolysis uses a cooling pad to drastically lower the temperature causing the fat cells to die, while Radio Frequency uses heat to concentrate on skin tightening. 

3D-Lipo can help you lose fat without the need for traumatic invasive surgery meaning there is no recovery period, bruising or pain. The results of 3D-Lipo should last for at least 9 months. 

3D-Lipo treatments have been used by numerous celebrities thanks to the non-invasive process that still delivers results. Coleen Rooney and TOWIE stars Amy Childs and Gemma Collins are all fans of the treatment. 

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