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Dentsply Implants
  • I have a missing tooth
  • I have a gap in my teeth

Dental Implants have been used to permanently replace teeth since the mid 60s. Based on years of extensive research, we have developed unique dental implant systems that provide a secure anchor for new, natural-looking teeth.

Dentsply makes a number of different dental implant ranges, including Ankylos, ASTRA TECH Implant System and XiVE. The ASTRA TECH Implant system is backed with clinical proof for marginal bone maintenance and can be used in any position in the mouth.

Six reasons why you should consider implants instead of other solutions 

• They look, feel and function like your natural teeth 
• Healthy teeth do not need to be ground down to support the dental implants 
• Anchoring dental implants in the jawbone stimulates bone tissue and gums, ensuring an attractive, esthetic result while helping to maintain facial structures 
• Dental implants do not require any adhesives to hold the new teeth in place 
• They eliminate the discomfort and insecurity of loose, ill-fitting dentures 
• You have a secure, permanent tooth replacement

Replacing a single tooth

A crown mounted on a dental implant is the best choice if you have a tooth missing in the upper or lower jaw. The need to replace a missing tooth could be the result of an accident or because there was no predisposition for a tooth at birth.

Step 1 

The need to replace a missing tooth could be the result of an accident or because there was no predisposition for a tooth at birth. 

Step 2

The dental implant is installed in the jawbone. No healthy teeth are affected or damaged. With other replacement solutions, adjacent teeth might need to be ground down to support a bridge. 

Step 3

The abutment is attached to the dental implant. A crown is then placed on the abutment, fitting perfectly at the edge of the gum. 

Step 4

The new tooth is now complete and it is virtually impossible to see the difference between the existing teeth and the new tooth.

Replacing several teeth

If you have lost several teeth there are two solutions: separate crowns on dental implants or a bridge attached to several dental implants.

Step 1 

Some people loose teeth in the back of the mouth. This is typically caused by gum infection (periodontitis) or by teeth cracking due to previous fillings.

Dental implants installedStep 2 

Between two and four dental implants are installed for a dental implant bridge. This solution does not affect your own teeth. The bridge will function for many years, regardless of the condition of your existing teeth.

Abutments attached to dental implantsStep 3 

Abutments are attached to the dental implants. The next step is to fit a bridge; the new set of teeth is placed on the abutments.

Dental implant bridge in place Step 4 

The dental implant bridge is now in place and can withstand the strong chewing forces that occur in the back of the mouth. It feels and functions like natural teeth.

Express yourself with confidence

Chew, talk, laugh, grin, and cry. Dare to be yourself and express your feelings. With dental implants you can count on natural looking teeth and the confidence that comes with it.

More and more people are discovering that dental implants feel and function like natural teeth. Follow the links above to read stories about people who chose dental implants – and how it changed their lives.

Each dentist may charge different prices but typically a single implant is between £1800-2200

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