Women of Oz would ‘tell a white lie’ to conceal their anti-ageing treatments


Women in Oz reckon a youthful appearance makes a real difference to their prospects in the job market but would ‘tell a white lie’ if pushed to answer if they’d have cosmetic treatment.

Australian women of all ages feel they’re under pressure to look good in the workplace in order to climb the career ladder – and it’s led to a boom in those seeking cosmetic tweaks.

They say this expectation affects them far more than their male counterparts, driving an increasing number into aesthetic clinics for Botox and dermal fillers.

However, the main driver for having treatments was for their own satisfaction – with many believing that a ‘feelgood factor’ matters more than what others thought.

And, although many women feared being judged for opting cosmetic procedures, the national survey also revealed that girls ultimately stick together.

Those polled said they would never judge another woman who chose to turn back the clock with a non-surgical ‘helping hand’.

But there is a conundrum – to have work to look more youthful has its appeal but women also fear criticism for trying too hard to look good for their age.

Their fears included being accused of being false or superficial, vain, self indulgent – or having people talking behind their back.

However, openness about opting for cosmetic treatments is, on the whole, welcomed by women and nearly half said they would support a friend who was considering a procedure – with only 17% saying they’d try to put them off.

And, should they be asked whether they’ve had a procedure?

A whopping 41% of women polled (aged 35-39) said they would change the subject or tell a ‘white lie’.

The research also found that around 6% of 20 to 49-year-old women are now using facial injectables to turn back the clock.
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