TV star Tamra Judge shares facelift photos – and encourages fans to follow their heart


Real Housewives of Orange County's Tamra Judge has gone under the knife in a bid for a more youthful look.

And the 49-year-old posted a selection of pictures this week to show off her latest work.

Taking to the photo-sharing app Instagram, Tamra uploaded shots of her incisions and recovery.

During recovery

She said that she had opted for the surgery to get a fresher but more ‘natural’ look.

The reality star even reached out to those who are considered anti-ageing treatments.

She wrote that she wanted to be ‘open and honest’ about the procedure because she hoped to remind women that everybody gets old – and that ‘ageing gracefully’ is not the only acceptable option.

After her surgery

She added that there was also ‘little’ pain and bruising.

And fans responded with overwhelmingly positive replies; one commented that she looked ‘phenomenal’ while others praised her for her honest approach.

Face and neck lifts were the third most popular surgical procedure among men and women in 2015.

A facelift, typically, will be conducted under general anaesthetic. The surgeon will firstly make an incision in the hairline and around the ears.

The skin is then separated from the muscles to remove excess skin, which are subsequently tightened.

A facelift can also be achieved through keyhole surgery – several small incisions are made instead.

Tools including an endoscope to transmit images are passed through the incisions, allowing the surgeon to carry out his or her work.

This option is often popular as it helps to minimise scarring and improves a patient’s recovery time.

Botox and fillers can complement a facelift and both serve as ideal maintenance procedures – and can even delay the requirement for a secondary facelift. 

Sleep is also important – post-operation, it is likely that your plastic surgeon will advise you on the ideal sleeping position.

You will have to sleep on your back, with your head propped up to help minimise any swelling and to prevent injury to the healing area.

And there is never a ‘right’ age for any treatment – we all age differently and have different bodies, so your specific treatment and expected outcomes should be discussed with your surgeon.

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