Revealed: Twelve top tips for avoiding dodgy cosmetic treatments


With cosmetic surgery horror stories plaguing the news, those seeking treatment can refer to these top tips before going under the knife.

Dermal filler manufactures Sinclair Pharma have put together a list of dos and don’ts when it comes to choosing a clinic for cosmetic treatment.

Created by cosmetic nurse Frances Turner Traill, the 12 terrific tips help patients to dodge risky treatments and seek out the best surgeon for the best results.

Frances emphasises the importance of consultation before undergoing treatment, labelling it as ‘essential’ for any medical procedure.

1. Do your research and make sure your chosen nurse or doctor is trained in cosmetic procedures. This is paramount, even if they are medically trained.
2. Request evidence of registration with organisations such as the British College of Aesthetics Medicine (BCAM) and The British Association of Cosmetic Nurses (BACN).
3. Request the training certificates and qualifications of staff, particularly in relation to the treatment you are having. The clinic should have CQC certification and clinical staff should be registered with the regulatory body.
4. Stick to your original plans and don’t be persuaded to undergo additional treatments. Take a look at the treatment options and always stick to what you want, not anybody else.
5. Don’t act fast – always think through your plans carefully.
6. Make sure you know how long it will take you to recover and, if available, ask for written guidance to take away with you.
7. Research the clinic’s work, read reviews and testimonials and even speak to other patients to see how they feel about their treatment.
8. Don’t have injectable treatments outside of the clinic – this can lead to complications and infections.
9. Answer all questions that you are asked honestly – such as smoking, drinking habits and medication – as it could be important information for the clinician.
10. Let the clinic know if you are planning to go on holiday or take part in any sports as these too could impact on your recovery.
11. Make sure you take down a telephone number in case you have any urgent queries.
12. If you have a funny feeling something isn’t right, don’t do it. Take your time to think about your decision or even look for another clinic.

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