Have a date in the pipeline? Here are some top tips for fresh breath


Date nights are back on! And with them comes worries over appearance, body language – and fresh breath.

What foods are best to avoid in the run up to a date? How can you keep bad breath to a minimum?

Dr Richard Marques, a dentist based in Harley Street, reveals his top tips for maintaining fresh breath and general good oral health:

  • Eating fruit – in particular apples and pears – increases saliva. This helps to balance out odours and eliminate potential bad smells
  • Avoid pigmented foods – such as beetroot or curry, as well as coffee and red wine. The drinks contain tannins which can stain instantly
  • Parsley and cinnamon can help to neutralise odours
  • Fruits and vegetables are also great at keeping odorous bacteria at bay. Few people know that nuts are included in this
  • Celery, carrots and cucumbers have agents that help to stimulate saliva production
  • An obvious one but still true – avoid meals with a lot of onion and garlic. The smell of fresh garlic can stay on the skin for days
  • Yoghurt – probiotic yoghurt in particular – can also help to get rid of bad breath
  • Water cleanses the palette, so make sure you sip it both before and after courses
  • Sugar-free chewing gum is great to keep your breath fresh and battles the acids in your saliva. Avoid breath mints as they tend to make plaque building bacteria
  • Don’t go hungry! A build-up of stomach acids lead to bad breath.  Snacking on fresh foods like celery and apples almost act as a natural toothbrush, eradicating bacteria on the teeth, and keeping your tummy happy.

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