Dr Sophie Shotter's Filler tips


Thinking about getting a fuller set of lips than the ones your mum gave you? Let us share some tips with you before you think about having the procedure.

  • You can completely erase HA fillers if you don't like how your lips turn out for whatever reason. Because HA is not permanent, your practitioner can inject an eraser. The product will dissolve the filler in five minutes if you're unhappy with the initial results.
  • It can cost anywhere from £250-500 to get your lips done, depending on the doctor. Either way, start saving your pennies.
  • Your filler will last about 12-18 months.
  • You will see the results almost immediately. Your lips will be a little swollen at first, but you'll see the effects of the fillers pretty quickly. Give your lips 24 hours to settle and the swelling to calm. Then you'll be seeing your filled-out lips as they will be for the next few months.
  • If done correctly, lips with injections don't feel any different than real lips. Not even when you're kissing.
  • At the beginning of the procedure, it feels like a pinch and then it stings as the filler is being injected. Afterward, the doctor will massage your lips a little, and then let you go about your day.
  • Your lip are numbed before with a topical anesthetic.
  • There's practically zero downtime. The procedure takes about 15 to 20 minutes total, and the numbing will start to wear off after about 15 minutes. You can go about your daily life afterward but shouldn't make any big plans (like a wedding or an important event) for at least three days in case you bruise.
  • You shouldn't exercise the day of the procedure. You especially should avoid activities that increase blood flow to your face, like getting a massage or a facial.
  • To get your lips injected, you should only see a professional. To avoid a botched job, you'll want to go to an expert who is highly experienced in this specific procedure.
  • Ten days prior to your procedure, avoid painkillers, fish oil, and Vitamin E, which tend to thin the blood. Thinner blood will make the area more prone to bruising and bleeding.
  • Don't expect to get Angelina Jolie's lips. You can bring in inspiration photos, but ultimately, you and your doctor should decide what look is best for your face. You should also expect to increase the size gradually over time – not all at once – for the most natural results.
  • Anyone who has a history of cold sores should take prevention medication two days before the procedure. Injections could trigger a cold sore. However we do provide anti-biotics to prevent this.

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