CS 5460 Plaque’s toughest enemy yet probably the softest toothbrush in the world!


Each CS 5460 has 5460 soft bristles, designed to sweep and polish your teeth. The most important part of any toothbrush is its bristles. At CURAPROX, unlike other toothbrush companies, we do not use nylon to make our bristles, instead we use very fine filaments made of CUREN®. CUREN® allows the bristles to be very fine ensuring there is no damage to the gums as well as feeling incredibly good when brushing. Our CS 5460 toothbrush also offers exceptional gentleness to gums yet is unbelievably effective on plaque leaving you with a uniquely clean feel after each and every brush. A standard toothbrush has approx. 500 - 800, at best perhaps a 1,000 bristles loosely arranged. By comparison the CS 5460 packs thousands of densely arranged filaments onto its small head, literally sweeping away the plaque. Other brushes with fewer bristles are often leaving a large amount of plaque behind.

CURAPROX manual toothbrushes - Efficient cleaning surface thanks to densely packed CUREN® filamentsCURAPROX manual toothbrushes - By comparison


The CS 4560 Loved Across the Globe.
We are very proud of this little brush and it seems our customers love it too. Sold across the globe in 70 countries the CS5460 is enthused by dentists & patients alike. Here is what a few of them have to say:

I didn’t think a manual toothbrush would clean as good as an electric but this does! - Dentist Nottingham
Not only as a periodontologist but also as a patient I find this is the most efficient toothbrush I have ever used! - Periodontologist London
It's like no other manual toothbrush I've used before. All my patients loves how soft it is. - Dental Hygienist Ireland
It’s just awesome!! You can really feel the difference compared to 'normal brushes'! Love it!! – Miss G R Birmingham
It made my kids actually enjoy brushing their teeth & they loved the colours! – mum Manchester

So why not try a CS 5460 for yourself, we are convinced you will see, feel and love the difference. Happy brushing!
Live Your Life In Colour with a Curaprox CS 5460

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