BGT Winner gets Nose Job at Elanic!


BGT star Jai McDowall's new nose is not to be sniffed at as hooter surgery proves a hit with the ladies

Britain’s Got Talent winner Jai McDowall is hoping his new nose will improve his singing – and his luck with the ladies.

Jai, 30, has had a £5000 op at the  Elanic Clinic in Glasgow, to correct a deviated septum, which causes nasal blockages and he reckons his improved hooter is already a big hit with female fans.

Jai said: “I can’t believe the difference. My breathing is a lot better and I’m not getting the blockages

“I had a couple of black eyes straight after but that is clearing up now and I’m thrilled with the way it looks.

“Since it has healed, I’ve been getting more compliments and I’ve had a few private messages from girls wanting to see it in the flesh. I think once they see it, they’ll be impressed too.”

Jai, from Irvine, won the talent contest in 2011 and has been forced to deny being a drug user because of his nose problems.

He said: “The amount of times I’ve been asked if I have a cocaine habit has been unreal.”

Surgeon Arup Ray, of Glasgow’s Elanic Clinic, said: “I am hoping Jai’s singing will improve. He had some airway obstruction so the nasal sounds should now be diminished.”

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