An exclusive interview with Dr Alan Sidi, Dental Implant Surgeon and expert periodontist


Dr Alan Sidi, Dental Implant Surgeon and expert periodontist (gum treatment), has over 35 years experience in dentistry, with over 25 years in Periodontics and Surgery. In this exclusive interview, we find out and explore the importance of dental health, the team, and top-tips for looking after your teeth and gums.

Why is dental health care so important to you and the team?

Many of our patients have been coming to our practice for years; having been referred to us originally because they were in dire straits. Bone recession, tooth loss, gum disease (periodontitis), are just some of the reasons that bring patients through our door.

The impact on them of poor oral health can be wide ranging affecting the pleasure of eating, speaking and self-confidence in facing other people. They show symptoms including pain, bleeding gums and problems with bad breath.

Current research points to the effects gum disease can have elsewhere in the body increasing the likelihood of diseases such as diabetes, heart and circulatory problems, strokes and possibly even dementia.

We work hard with our patients to bring gum disease under control, to replace lost teeth, repair the effects of gum and bone recession. We recognise the commitment that a patient must make to reverse gum disease and maintain good oral health habits; so it is imperative to us that this work is given a high priority.

To this end we aim to keep a close after-care relationship with our patients so that any early problems can be nipped in the bud ensuring that our patients have at least one less thing to worry about!

What is your clinic’s USP?

We are a small specialist team treating gum disease, placing implants, providing bone augmentation and gum grafts. We also offer piezocision surgery; a new procedure that can halve the time needed for orthodontic tooth movement meaning patients do not need to wear braces for so long (see our web site for details).

Our specialist, Dr Alan Sidi PhD BDS MSc, does not provide any other forms of dentistry except those already mentioned which makes us a truly specialist practice. Over his professional life, Dr Sidi has placed thousands of implants. This means that patients can be assured that they are getting a very experienced implantologist. Someone who will work in tandem with the patient's own dentist who will be restoring the post and crown after the implant has integrated with the jaw.

We also provide aftercare in the form of experienced hygienists who hand scale and polish so that periodontal good health can be maintained. Dr Sidi also recommends that patients have regular reviews where pocket measurements can be made to catch any early signs of gum disease before it can take hold.

Who is in your practice team?

Dr Alan Sidi PhD BDS MSc - specialising in the placement of implants, periodontics and piezocision.

Leah Jack - Dental Nurse

Rashida Rose - Patient Treatment Co-ordinator

Glenda May - Hygienist

Kerrie Knight - Hygienist

Jane Dyas - Hygienist

Margaret Murray - Practice Manager p/t

Martin Goodson - Practice Manager p/t

Louise Scott-Hoffmann - Bookkeeper

What is your practice ethos?

To provide excellence in the treatment of gum disease, placement of implants, gum surgical procedures and hand scaling & polishing. To earn our patient's trust so that we can help them to help themselves into good oral health habits. To provide a personal treatment plan for each patient that meets their aims and expectations.

What are your three most popular treatments you offer?

Implant placement; periodontal surgery; hand scaling & polishing.

Do you have any on-going offers on any particular treatments?

We are currently offering a £ 50-off voucher for first-time hygiene appointments.

5 top tips for looking after my teeth and gums?

  • Brush teeth twice a day, once before bed using a fluoride toothpaste and brushing for at least two minutes using a soft bristled brush with a small head.
  • Once-a-day inter-dental cleaning preferably with inter-dental brushes and/or floss.
  • Reduce intake of sugar and soft drinks.
  • Quarterly visits to the hygienist
  • Reviews with dentist/periodontist

What three items could you not do without as a dentist?

  • My patients
  • My team
  • My surgery

Three major lifestyle habits that impact on our dental health that we should resolve to ditch in the New Year

  • Reduce sugar intake particularly sugary snacks and drinks
  • Stop smoking
  • Ignoring bleeding gums

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